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The sound. Of Nature.

Say goodbye to engine noise when you’re out at sea. Except for a low humming sound, the only thing you’ll hear is the wind and the waves, making your boat life a new and even more relaxing experience.


SeaDrive creates
award-winning electric maritime drivelines with no compromise.


Finn Limseth

“SeaDrive AS holds unique expertise in maritime technology. Our products comprise state-of-the-art solutions in electric motors, modular submersible POD concepts, motor controllers and steering systems.”



No, it´s not gold.
It´s better

The main components of SeaDrive pods are made of bronze. This is the most optimal material for long-lasting endurance and no corrosion.



The privilege  of
trouble-free power

At sea, the last thing you want is trouble with your engine. With just two moving parts, all made from  high-quality material, SeaDrive´s pods minimise the chance of something unexpected happening.


The smell.
of no smell.


Every sailor has felt this. Moving across the sea with no exhaust or diesel or petrol smell. It’s just you and thesea breeze. SeaDrive’s pods let you experience this on most boats, even when there's no wind.


Harbour Hero

Sensational maneuverability with the Azimut pod


If you’ve ever had to maneauver a boat in a crowded harbour, you’ll know the feeling. Will you manage to moor your boat properly or will you just make a fool of yourself?

With the SeaDrive Azimut pod´s sensational maneuverability you won´t just make a good impression. You´ll be the harbour hero.


Harbour Hero

Durable engines
for fragile environments

The use of fossil-based marine engines has been banned in an increasing number of rivers, lakes and sea areas around the globe. SeaDrive´s durable electric pods are silent and do not pollute the environment. Thus, they can be legally used in many fragile marine environments.

A pod for every boat. 
Even Viking ships

SeaDrive’s versatile pods can be adapted to suit virtually any type of boat. Even Viking ships are being powered by SeaDrive pods.


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein

That´s why 
we've put everything inside the pod

Placing all of the components inside the SeaDrive´s pod makes it:

  • Space and weight saving – the motor and motor controller are integrated inside the pod and mounted outside the hull, adding no extra weight inside the boat

  • Very easy to install 

  • Optimal cooling – no additional cooling systems required

  • Versatile

  • Robust


Have in mind
what you can forget

With an electric driveline from SeaDrive you can forget about oil changes, filter changes, spark plug changes, antifreeze changes and winter conservation. Forget about huge service bills and petrol stations draining your credit card as you refuel.


Design Innovation Award
Genoa Boat Show 2020



From the sail drive to the classic pod, this ingenious intuition is distinguished by the integration of the electric motor and stands out for having control directly over the pod body.

Jury of the 60th boat show in Genoa, october 2, 2020

Nominated for the DAME Award 2019

The DAME (Design at METSTRADE) Award is the largest marine competition of its kind, anywhere in the world.


In 2019 SeaDrive was nominated for the prestigious prize for the development of an adaptable pod that can be used for multiple applications.



Any 230V socket can be a charging station

Charging is easy. You can charge your boat at regular shore power stations from a 10-amp fuse. It’s as simple as that.


You can also install your own charger at your home harbour to increase the charging speed.


How far can you go on one charge?

It all depends on the type of boat, the kind of engine and battery and your speed. On a full battery, you will easily be able to travel 100 nautical miles before recharging.

One design.
Five applications.
That´s SeaDrive.

SeaDrive´s POD design is unique in the way that it offers a streamlined, symmetrical and modular concept so that one basic POD unit can be used for all applications.



A no-brainer?

No pollution, no sound, no odours, no large annual maintenance bills, no petrol expenses and maximum maneuverability. Are SeaDrive´s electric drivelines really a no-brainer? There’s only one way for you to find out...


Keep the sea blue. Go green. Go SeaDrive.

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