A pod for every use 

3 basic models, modular construction, push and pull versions, lift-up versions, variable speed, azimuth versions, fixed or foldable propeller, re-generative versions and tablet/PC control. 

POD 7,5

  • 48 V Input Voltage

  • 7,5 kW Power

POD 15

  • 96 V Input Voltage

  • 15 kW Power

POD 30

  • 400 V Input Voltage

  • 30 kW Power


The pod unit can be used as both a puller and pusher, and as a sail drive with folding propeller. 


The standardized top and bottom interfaces allow the same basis pod unit to be used for all applications just by changing the masts, keels and fastening brackets. 


Since the 7,5kW, 15kW and 30kW pod versions all have the same interface, there is only one design for each of the last-mentioned parts. 


These features revolutionize production cost-effectiveness, but also for our distributors it is a huge advantage as it will considerably decrease storage need and cost. It is also more environmentally friendly as the pods may be reused for different applications just by adding a mast/bracket if the user need changes.  

The azimut version of the SeaDrive pod gives the boat extreme manouverability.