Cabin cruisers

Diesel or petrol engine

+ SeaDrive electric pod

= ideal combination for cabin cruisers


The SeaDrive Pods are perfect for cabin cruisers when you want a cruising speed at 8-12 knots. Choose between fixed pods and turnable Azimut pods - a propulsion motor and thruster in one unit.

By adding the SeaDrive pod propulsion system to the existing petrol or diesel engine, you can use clean electric power without noise from the engine or exhaust smell when driving at low speed. When you need extra manouverability, you can use the SeaDrive pod as a thruster.

Force 10


Force 10 from Finland can equip their cabin cruiser with a SeaDrive Azimut pod that provide effective propulsion when driving at low speed and a unique manouverability.


When cruising at higher speed, Force 10 shifts from propulsion with the electric pod to the diesel engine.

Large cabin cruisers


Enjoy life at sea cruising at low speed without noise or exhaust, just you and the fresh air. Most larger cabin cruisers can be equipped with SeaDrive´s electric propulsion system, combining electric and diesel/petrol based propulsion.